July 19, 2012

Bigger Picture Moments: The Storm

The lightening flashed outside my window, as the rain pelted again the roof, and the thunder bellowed so loudly that the house seemed to shake. The lights flickered..once...twice..three times and our home was plunged into darkness.

"MAMA!" my daughter screamed as her tiny feet scampered across the wood floor, fleeing from her room into the living room where her father and I were resting.

Snuggling into my lap, she whimpered "I scared, Mama."

"I know baby. But remember who makes the lightening?"


"And who makes the thunder?"


"And who makes the rain?"

"Jesus. Mama, I not scared now." With that pronouncement, she left lap and went to play in the glow of the candles on the mantle.

Later that night, as I lay in bed, listening to the storm. I marveled at how a simple reminder of who created the storm calmed my daughter's fears. Why then, do I her mother, get so fearful when I face a storm of life? Can't I remember who is in control - that the Creator of all things is with me when the black clouds roll in, the ligthing streaks across the sky, and the thunder rumbles loudly.

"Father," I prayed " Help me not to fear. But rather to rest and trust in the simple truth, that You know the storm I'm facing. And that You are with me in the midst of it, and will walk with me until the sun shines once more."


Live Remember that as I am facing the storms of life, my Heavenly Father is in control and with me. Therefore, I have no need to fear...that's my moment this week. What moment do you learn to live in this week?

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