August 12, 2013

Catching Up

I'm back....again.  What can I say? Life got busy and blogging fell by the wayside. I think I have finally worked the kinks out of new schedule and ...maybe...just maybe things are starting to slow down a bit.  So hopefully, I can post with a bit more regularity.  But even that may only be once a week. But something is better than nothing...right?

So here is what's been happening in my corner of the world:

  • I have a started a "flex" schedule at work. Basically, I have every other Monday off from work. These days off are GREAT. They allow me to spend the day with Joycie, catch up on housework, and just enjoy some downtime.
  • Joycie started dance classes last week. She is taking ballet and tap. Her class is once a week, and happens to fall on Monday - which means twice a month I am able to take her and pick her up from classes.  She LOVES dance, so much that she didn't complain at all about having to wear her hair in a bun.  And this is the child who absolutely refuses to wear her hair up. 
  • I survived the Insanity workouts. I lost 10 pounds in 2 months. While that's not a HUGE amount of weight, I felt pretty good about - given that my eating habits were less than stellar during this time.
  • Micheal and I have joined a Crossfit box and will be working out together at least 3 times a week. I can't begin to tell you how happy this makes me.
  •  Additionally, we are relocating our home gym to his parents pool house - so that he can start working out with his Dad. The plan is that while the guys are working out - his Mama and I can be whipping up some healthy meals. Can you tell the entire family is on a health kick?
  • Micheal and I are also going Paleo.  We have done this before and found that it is an eating style that works for us. While I will be following it closely (think 90/10), Micheal is more 80/20 as he has to have his grits for breakfast and a few corn chips to top his chicken salad.
Well, there you have it.  A quick update on the life and times of the Lee family.  So tell me what's been happening with you?