March 30, 2009

Our First Dinner

Tonight M and I shared our first dinner in our home (as husband and wife). Did I, the loving wife, make a magnificent dinner of roast, vegetables, and mashed potatoes? Or perhaps a casserole of some kind?

Nope! M and I had breakfast for dinner. Yep, the menu was scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and toast. And M did most of the cooking. I did make the toast. :-) And I did the clean up. But it was not what I had envisioned for the first meal. So I am hoping to make it up tomorrow night.

For those of my readers who are married, what was the first meal did you cook for your significant other after the vows?

Random Things I want to remember about my Wedding Day

•Having a near melt-down at 12:30 p.m. because the Church wasn’t unlocked. How was I ever to get my make-up done and dressed, if the church was locked???? Yes, I felt quite silly when a church member showed up 5 minutes after my melt-down to let me in.
•My niece Lacey telling anyone who would listen that she was “Kimbo’s Princess” for the day since she was the flower girl.
•My other niece London pulling my veil over her own head while taking photos
•My nephews looking so daper in their tuxes.
•Trying to use the bathroom while in a wedding dress – Thank heavens for bridesmaids who were willing to hold my dress up for me.
•Eating an entire cheese ball in the choir room before the wedding – we had been taking pictures for nearly 3 hours at this point, and breakfast was long since gone. I was starving. Thankfully, my brother in law had brought the leftovers from the lingerie shower to the church, and Mrs. Rita had set up a nice spread in the choir room. Without that cheese ball, I might not have made it down the aisle.
•Looking at the clock in the bridal room and realizing that had just 10 minutes before my wedding would begin. At that moment, I had never been more scared in my life. I was shaking. Thankfully, M has nearby - so I grabbed him and we shared a quiet/private moment in the Church's choir room, which calmed my nerves.
•Waiting on the porch of the church for the bridal march to start, and having a car full of my Daddy’s former students drive by – they stopped to wave and shout couragement.
•Waving and blowing kisses at family and friends while I walked down the aisle.
•Laughing at Mikey’s silly jokes during the ceremony. I think he kept me laughing to keep me from crying.
•Seeing people who I thought would never dance, really cut a rug at the reception. This included my parents, my grandmother, my Aunt Mary (she dance with my Daddy, who is her big brother), and my Aunt Joyce and Uncle Ronnie.
•The rose petal fight during one of the songs. The dance floor had a large L made of rose petals in the middle. After the 2nd song, I kicked the petals. And next thing I knew, all the kiddos and a few of the bridal party members were throwing them at one another.
•The conga line that wrapped around the entire reception area.

March 29, 2009

Honeymoon Day 2

Day 2 of our Honeymoon began at 9:00 a.m., when the sun and M’s gentle nudging woke me up. We took another 30 minutes to get up and get moving – it was no nice to just lounge in bed, watch some morning talk shows, and hang out.

We headed into Gatlinburg to find breakfast. I was eager to try out the Pancake Pantry. All the reviews I read said that it was yummy. When we arrived downtown the line for Pancake Pantry was half way down the block. I told M that we could just hit Mickey D’s for a quick bite, but he insisted that he didn’t mind waiting in line if it was what I wanted. Our wait in line was 3 minutes, as the host found us a small table near the kitchen. I had a stack of yummy buttermilk pancakes, and M had pancakes with eggs and sausages.

After breakfast, we hit up the Ripley’s Aquarium. It was amazing to see all of the various fish and other sea life. The coolest part was watching the dive show at the Ray tank….

Following the Aquarium, we did a little shopping in the various shops along the strip. Since we didn’t see anything we just had to have, we went to the Ripley’s Haunted House. I screamed the entire time, and M was good enough to hold me so I did not bolt away.

The rest of the day was spent walking, sight seeing, and pursuing the shops. We also rode the Ripley’s Motion Theater. It was a blast – except for the kid who kept screaming in M’s ear. We had supper at a quaint Italian restaurant. Then came back to the cabin to watch t.v. and cuddle.

Up next, more Ripley’s fun and ……

Honeymoon Day 1

Sunday morning, M and I woke up at 9:00 a.m. We took our time getting ready and then checked out of our room at the Blueberry Inn. We dropped a few things off at my parents, spent a few minutes playing with our puppy, then set off to start our honeymoon.

We got as far as the main street in town before M decided we should eat. Since we were both craving breakfast, we shared our first meal together at the Huddle House. After a breakfast of waffles, eggs, toast, and bacon – we hit the road again…bound for Tennessee. We managed to make good time after a brief stop in Hazelhurst for gas, a potty break in Dublin. M drove hard and fast, and we finally stopped in Athens, TN for supper.

We dined at a little Mexican place. After supper, we were back on the road and made it to our cabin around 8:30 (only 7 hours after we departed). We unloaded, unpacked, and then enjoyed the hot tub before calling it a night. Tomorrow, I will share the details of our first day in Gatlinburg. For now, I leave you with pics of our cabin.

The view from the drive of our cabin.

The front of our cabin.