October 23, 2012

Go Tell It On the Mountain....

I can not remember the last time I shared my faith in Jesus Christ with someone.  Sure, I teach Sunday school on Sunday mornings, volunteer with the youth group on Wednesday nights, and have had long conversations about faith with co-workers.  But that's not what I am talking about.  Those conversations are safe, comfortable, shared between fellow believers.

I am referring to sharing the gospel with a person who has never heard of or does not believe in Jesus Christ.  I am participating in the She Reads Truth study of Philippians.  Today's reading comes from Chapter 1 verses 12-30.  Paul writes to the church telling him that there are those who preach for selfish reasons and those who sincerely desire to share their faith.  Paul does not care of the motives - sure he is not happy about selfish ones - but he sees the bigger picture that the message of God's grace reaches as many lives as possible.

The author of today's reading challenged me to think about what is keeping me from sharing the gospel. Paul was so in love with Jesus that he shared his faith even from behind prison walls.  So why don't I share my faith?

The answer is two-fold.  First, I am not walking with the Lord as I should.  If I am not in fellowship with my Savior, how can I share Him with others.  Secondly, I am scared.  Scared of being called names, judged, or rejected.  But I am CALLED to share the gospel, so I must but fears aside and boldly go forward with the truth.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am ashamed that I have remained silent for so long. Forgive me for not following your command to share the "Good News" with all the ends of the Earth.  Instill in me a spirit of boldness, not of fear.  Reveal to me, Lord, someone around me who desperately needs to hear the message of salvation.  Empower me to reach out to them and share the message of Christ's death for them.

In Jesus Holy Name,