November 29, 2011

In This Family....

In this family, we love with our whole hearts
And tiny kisses from pink lips
And snuggles in Mama and Daddy's bed in the wee hours of the morning.

In this family, we fight with great passion
For each other
For our beliefs
And sometimes over silly things that don't matter.

In this family, we say we are sorry
Sometimes with tears
Sometimes with mumbled words
And sometimes with a simple touch.

In this family, we play tea party
And dress up
And "zombie attack" (with Daddy though – as Mama documents with the camera)

We sing silly songs
Dance in circles until we are dizzy
And laugh – loud and often.

In this family, there is a Daddy who works hard to take care of his "girls"
A Mama who prays over her husband and daughter,
And a little girl who is the sunshine in her parents world.

In this family, we are blessed with the love of Jesus
And His grace – which is often needed in abundance.

In this family, we are flawed.
Daddy can be moody,
Mama can be a nag
And the daughter, well – all I can say is "Terrible Twos"

But at the end of it all, in this family, we would not change a thing.

November 23, 2011

20 Months



Dear Joycie,

Time has gotten away from me and your 20 months letter is nearly 3 weeks late. I am sorry, sweetheart. However, it has been a busy time in our lives.  Between work, school, and church activities, Mama has had little time for blogging.  But better late than never, so let’s get started with your stats:

    • You are 42 inches long and weigh 27 pounds.
    • Your clothing sizes have changed yet again. You are wearing 2T in tops, and have moved up to 24 months in bottoms. The 24 months are still too big in the waist, but fit you properly in length.
    • You are now wearing size 7 shoes.
    • After nearly a year (or more) in size 3 diapers, we have finally move up to size 4 diapers.

Your vocabulary is continuing to expand – you are starting to use more 2 or 3 word sentences to express yourself. Your favorite expressions are:

    • I want cup.
    • I go ouside (I go outside).
    • We go to kurch (We go to church)
    • Peas (Please) Mama.

This month you have fallen in love with the movie Rio.  You could watch the movie over and over again.  While Daddy and I do not let you do that, we do allow you to watch it some in the evenings, and we love to hear you sing “Rio, Rio” with the movie  and dance to the music.

You are starting to show signs that potty training may be in our future. You often tell me “I go pee-pee” or “I go boo boo” when you are wet or have a dirty diaper.  You have done this without prompting from Daddy or I.

You are still trying to assert your independence and strong will, and sometimes with shout “No Mama, No Dada.”  But general, a stern voice gets your attention, and you follow our requests without much fuss.

Joycie – You are such a delight to us.  We continued to be amazed at how quickly you are growing, learning and changing. And even more amazed at how much we are changing with you.



Mama & Daddy