October 13, 2011

Bigger Picture Moments: Praising Him For the Rain

I shuffle quietly in my kitchen, preparing the morning coffee, running thru my to-do list, when the sounds of raindrops against the window catches my attention.

It is still dark outside, but I can faintly see the mud puddles already forming in the drive. And I smile. Normally, rain upsets me – I associate it with dreary, sunless weather, bad hair (curls + rain = FRIZZ), and mud tracked throughout the house (19 month olds love to jump in puddles….).

But today, I smile at the rain and offer a prayer of thanks. It has been dry here for months. Historically, we’ve been in a drought for years, and the rain has long been prayed for, longed for, and wanted.


I hear a sound from my daughter’s room, so I pull away from my musings and walk down the hall to check on her. She is sleeping peacefully, a faint smile tugging her tiny lips upwards at the corners. Her content expression reveals no indication that she is anything other than a happy, healthy 19 month old.

However, in the last 2 weeks she’s had several “episodes” – times where she seems to tense her whole body up, lose the ability to stand, and for awhile afterwards operates in a fog. A trip to the emergency room and CT scan revealed no explanation for the behavior. So now we began the testing, the consultations with physicians and specialists.

The fear, the uncertain, the vast unknown swells inside me…..leaving me cold, shaking, and feeling as though I am standing in the midst of a monsoon. And yet, I have never felt the presence of the Father more. A calm, reassurance that my child is ultimately His child and that she is resting in His hands. He speaks soothing words to my heart, telling me that whatever the doctors may find, He already knows and is in control of.

So as the rain comes down, I smile and I offer praise to Him.

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October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: The Difference in A Year


September 2010


October 2011

October 11, 2011

19 Months



Dear Joycie,

Last Wednesday, you turned 19 months old. This month has brought lots of new accomplishments and a few challenges, which we will talk about in a second, but first for memory’s sake, here are your stats:

  • You are 41 inches long and weigh 26 pounds.
  • Clothing sizes are still all over the map for you.  Your pants range from 12 months to 24 months, and your shirts are now 18 months (in tunic length) to 2T (because your arms are so long)
  • You are now wearing size 6 shoes – apparently, your feet have hit a growth spurt.
  • You now have 12 teeth.
  • You are still in size 3 diapers….and I am thinking you are going to be in those sizes for quite some time

Now on to the accomplishments.  In the past month, you’ve expanded your vocabulary to include “Quiet”, “Lay down”, “Daddy/Mama gone'”, and “Mine,  mine, mine”.  You are now able to undress yourself and have mastered the art of putting on your shirt, pants and shoes are still tricky.

DSC_1015You continue to adore your cousins and were so excited when you Lacey and London had sleep overs with you.  99% of the time, you play very well with them, but there are times where you do not want to share….and sometimes you take the toys they are playing with. 

I think it is safe to say that you’ve started experiencing the “Terrible Twos” (ahead of schedule) as there are days where nothing we do makes you happy, you refuse to follow directions, respond to every question with a loud “No!”, and if you are disciplined become a shrieking, crying, fit-throwing little girl.  We have to remind ourselves that you are trying to learn your boundaries, and we try to respond with patience and grace.  Thankfully, your bouts of temper are short lived, and within  mere minutes are smiling, happy girl returns.

This month has been a bit scary for Mama and Daddy.  In recent days, you have started experiencing “seizure like episodes” – so you are going to seeing a neurologist soon. We have to admit that Mama and Daddy are worried, but we know that God’s is fully in control and taking care of you.

DSC_1012 You have been a joy to us since the day you were born and we just know that God has fantastic plans for you.  You already show a huge love for Jesus – dancing to worship music, wanting Mama to read to you from your picture Bible, and bowing your head so sweetly during pray. We pray that we can continue to foster that love in you, and that Jesus will use you in a mighty way!

DSC_1013We are so grateful to be your parents!  We love you sooooo much!

~Mama and Daddy

October 10, 2011

Dress Like a Girl Challenge: Rock Fall In Summer Temps

For me fall is college football, pumpkin flavored everything, burnt orange and golden leaves dancing across my yard, bonfires on Saturday nights, and of course, fun fall fashion.

This week, I thought I would share with you my fall fashion staples. These are the non-fleece items that I use to Rock Fall, and stay warm and toasty.

My work dress codes requires slacks or skirts, so by Friday at 5 p.m., I am longing for denim.  Enter the skinny jeans. Specifically,  these skinny jeans from Old Navy.

skinny jeans


Skinny jeans give me more versatility in my fall wardrobe. I can pair them with a cute pair of ballet flats and tunic length sweater on the sunny days, or tuck them into tall boots on the rainy fall afternoons.

On my top half, I like to start with a lightweight long-sleeve tee.


The Mossimo line at Target offers a wide variety of colors.

I love to finish off my look with a cardigan or fitted jacket.

blazerSource: This Next 

What are your favorite fall wardrobe items? Is there a scarf you love, a pair of boots, or a stylish sweater?  Wear it, snap a pic, and share it with us in the Dress Like a Girl Challenge.

October 05, 2011

Dress Like a Girl {October Challenge}


I have been feeling it for weeks – a hint in the early morning air, a chilly breeze in the evening as the sun slips lower in the sky – fall was coming. And last week, much to my personal delight, it arrived!

As the temperatures dipped into the low 40’s, my first instinct was to bundled up, so I dug out sweatshirts, long-sleeve t’s, and even a flannel shirt or two. My husband laughed at me one evening when we headed to a friend’s cookout wearing this ensemble….DSC_1017

That would be a pair of knit gloves and ear warmers I stole from my 7 year old niece and my hubby’s fleece jacket. M (that’s my hubby) was laughing that I was bundling up at a mere 52 degrees, but his laughter did prompt me to evaluate the style factor of the look and it rated a big…


Why is it that my default for fall weather is always fleece? I have a closet full of many more stylish options for fall dressing. Melissa agrees and came up with the wonderful October Dress Like a Girl Challenge.

This month we want you to dress for fall in a non-fleece way. Whether that’s wearing gorgeous scarves, drool-worthy boots, or a fabulous pea coat, we want you to be warm and stylish!

We will be sharing some ideas with you over the next few weeks. If you are a gal living somewhere where fall mornings are frigid and the afternoons are sweltering, come back next week here next week for some tips on how to rock fall clothing without overheating.

Alright ladies, hit those closets and show me how you Rock Fall without Fleece!