October 05, 2011

Dress Like a Girl {October Challenge}


I have been feeling it for weeks – a hint in the early morning air, a chilly breeze in the evening as the sun slips lower in the sky – fall was coming. And last week, much to my personal delight, it arrived!

As the temperatures dipped into the low 40’s, my first instinct was to bundled up, so I dug out sweatshirts, long-sleeve t’s, and even a flannel shirt or two. My husband laughed at me one evening when we headed to a friend’s cookout wearing this ensemble….DSC_1017

That would be a pair of knit gloves and ear warmers I stole from my 7 year old niece and my hubby’s fleece jacket. M (that’s my hubby) was laughing that I was bundling up at a mere 52 degrees, but his laughter did prompt me to evaluate the style factor of the look and it rated a big…


Why is it that my default for fall weather is always fleece? I have a closet full of many more stylish options for fall dressing. Melissa agrees and came up with the wonderful October Dress Like a Girl Challenge.

This month we want you to dress for fall in a non-fleece way. Whether that’s wearing gorgeous scarves, drool-worthy boots, or a fabulous pea coat, we want you to be warm and stylish!

We will be sharing some ideas with you over the next few weeks. If you are a gal living somewhere where fall mornings are frigid and the afternoons are sweltering, come back next week here next week for some tips on how to rock fall clothing without overheating.

Alright ladies, hit those closets and show me how you Rock Fall without Fleece!

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Kathie Brinkman said...

Here in MN we save the fleece for December. Fall is primarily changing colors of clothes--earth tones, muted or deep colors--and wearing closed toe shoes. A light windbreaker when needed. We don't pull out the heavy stuff until it's 30 degrees or below. In MN 40 degrees is a state of mind. In the spring it means shorts and t-shirts, in the fall it means jeans and a windbreaker. Funny how that goes.