February 22, 2012

Update on Joycie's Seizures

In early October, I shared with you all (assuming anyone is still
reading) that my daughter Joycie had begun to experience seizures. I
todl you of how scared I was, but that I was trusting the Lord to lead
our family thru this trying time. And then I never said another word
about it.

Earlier today, I had a reader reach out to me, concerned about Joycie.
After communicating with her, I thought I would update you all on
Joycie's condition. We saw a pediatric neurologist in December, who
stated that all of Joycie's symptoms and behaviors pointed towards
seizures. She told us that she wanted Joycie to have a sedated MRI and
an EEG to see if it could be determiend why Joycie was having
seizures. She sent us home from the appointment with a prescription
for Kepra and orders to fill it only if Joycie had another seizure.

Christmas came and went, then the New Year, and Joycie showed no signs
of having another seizure. Then on Thursday, January 26th, Joycie had
her 4th seizure. Joycie was with me at the aerobics class that I teach
at our church. She had been running around, laughing, playing, and
behaving normally. She asked her Aunt Amy to pick her up, but when Amy
did, Joycie began to cry softly. I took her out of Amy's arms -
thinking she was just tired. But almost immediately, her eyes rolled
back in her head, her whole body stiffened, and she began posturing
(hands and feet turn inward). I screamed for my MIL who was there and
happens to be a nurse. By the time she made it across the room, Joycie
was once again aware of her surrondings. But she was extremly pale,
sweaty, and clingy.

I called her neurologist the next morning. And Joycie immediately
began taking Kepra. Thus far the medicine seems to be working, as she
has had no seizures since the 26th. Next Thursday, we will take Joycie
for a sedated MRI and her EEG study will be the follow Monday.

We remain hopeful that these tests will give us insight into why this
is happening to Joycie. And even if the tests are inconclusive, we
trust that the Lord is holding our bayb in His Hands. Please remember
us in your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks.

February 17, 2012

Getting Real – Week One

It’s been nearly a week since I announced to the blogging world that I was Getting Real with the foods that I use to fuel my body.  When I made my announcement, I had no true plan other than to not eat a meal that came for a box or a bag.  And I have been about 85% successful, I did have a frozen meal on Wednesday – but only because I had 20 minutes before church services started, a toddler with a head cold who wanted to be held, and no real plan for dinner.  There has also been chocolates consumed – but it is Valentine’s Day – and M bought me a whole bag of my favorite truffles…..how can I say no?

But the week is winding down, the truffles are almost gone (sniff), the frozen meals are no longer in my freezer – and at 85% success I feel better. I see less bloating in my belly, less tummy aches after meals, and the scale shows a small loss.  However, I can not keep winging it, and thus I began searching for a plan.  Oh my!

There are literally thousands upon thousands of plans on how to eat real.  I have read article after articles,  compared and contrasted, talked with friends and family,  read some more, prayed for guidance, and then made a choice.  M, Joycie and I will be following the Paleo Style of eating.  This feels like the best fit for our family, since M and I are both sensitive to grains and dairy products. Joycie will be allowed grains and dairy as she desires, but they will be whole grain and organic dairy from now on.

I plan on documenting my journey here – sharing receipes, talking about tempations, highlighting my stuggles, and the slip ups that are sure to come.

I promise not to turn this into a healthy living blog. But this is my blog about what’s happening in my life, and right now adopting healthier eating habits is a huge part of that journey.  I hope that you will follow along with me.

February 12, 2012

Getting Real (Food)

Today I stepped on the scale and saw number that I haven't seen in 4 years - except for when I was pregnant. I generally don't let the number on the scale affect me -- after I focus on living a healthy lifestyle, as health is far more important that what I weigh. Bu the truth of the matter is, I am NOT living healthy these days. Too many diet cokes, too many candy bars at 3:00 p.m., too many meals that come out of boxes or bags -- has added up.

I feel sluggish, lethargic, uncomfortable in my own skin. Something has to change...that number was my wake up call to get real. And so I begin the journey of weeding out the processed junk that I had convinced myself was food, and replacing it with real food - proteins, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats.

And hopefully by getting real, I will get back to the best version of myself.

February 10, 2012

23 Months



Dear Joycie,

You are now 23 months old.  Can we take a moment and let that sink in….23 months old means you are almost 2?  How did that happen?  I still find myself looking for the tiny, snuggly baby that I brought home from the hospital….but instead I see a funny, spunky, loving little girl.

You are weighing between 28 and 29 pounds – Mama couldn’t get you to stand still on the scale to get more accurate numbers.  In terms of height you are 44 inches, and wear 2T and 3T clothing.

You continue to talk more and more in sentences – telling us what you want, where you want to do, what you want to do.  You love to tell everyone to “cry” or “laugh” on command – and if we don’t you show us how to do it.

Music is still your absolute favorite thing.  Last weekend, you went to a Father/Daughter dance with Daddy….and danced the entire time.


When you are not dancing to music, you love to play house – either tending to your babies or cooking meals for us on your kitchen set.  When you do watch television, you enjoy Chuggington, Phineas and Ferb, and Babar and the Adventures of Badou.

On a more serious note, you had another seizure this month. It only lasted 10 to 20 seconds….but it was the most terrifying 10 to 20 seconds of my life.  Thankfully, you recovered quickly – and we were able to really see what happens when you have one.  After consulting with your neurologist, you are now on your medication while we await your MRI and EEG.  The medicine seems to make you tire more easily but it has also increased your appetite.


Potty training is still on the back burner. You now what the potty is for, you like to sit on it, but actual use of it is still hit or miss.  However, you are telling us when you need a diaper change, and point out the big girl panties in stores, so we think potty training will go smoothly when we start.


You have a zest of life and tons of unbridled passion – which is wonderful. But sometimes your stubborn streak rears its head, and we have to reign you in.  There have been lots of time outs in our house lately….and tears (both ours and yours).   However, it never lasts very long.  You quickly become are sweet girl again.


And even on the most difficult days, we wouldn’t have life any other way!


Mama & Daddy