February 22, 2012

Update on Joycie's Seizures

In early October, I shared with you all (assuming anyone is still
reading) that my daughter Joycie had begun to experience seizures. I
todl you of how scared I was, but that I was trusting the Lord to lead
our family thru this trying time. And then I never said another word
about it.

Earlier today, I had a reader reach out to me, concerned about Joycie.
After communicating with her, I thought I would update you all on
Joycie's condition. We saw a pediatric neurologist in December, who
stated that all of Joycie's symptoms and behaviors pointed towards
seizures. She told us that she wanted Joycie to have a sedated MRI and
an EEG to see if it could be determiend why Joycie was having
seizures. She sent us home from the appointment with a prescription
for Kepra and orders to fill it only if Joycie had another seizure.

Christmas came and went, then the New Year, and Joycie showed no signs
of having another seizure. Then on Thursday, January 26th, Joycie had
her 4th seizure. Joycie was with me at the aerobics class that I teach
at our church. She had been running around, laughing, playing, and
behaving normally. She asked her Aunt Amy to pick her up, but when Amy
did, Joycie began to cry softly. I took her out of Amy's arms -
thinking she was just tired. But almost immediately, her eyes rolled
back in her head, her whole body stiffened, and she began posturing
(hands and feet turn inward). I screamed for my MIL who was there and
happens to be a nurse. By the time she made it across the room, Joycie
was once again aware of her surrondings. But she was extremly pale,
sweaty, and clingy.

I called her neurologist the next morning. And Joycie immediately
began taking Kepra. Thus far the medicine seems to be working, as she
has had no seizures since the 26th. Next Thursday, we will take Joycie
for a sedated MRI and her EEG study will be the follow Monday.

We remain hopeful that these tests will give us insight into why this
is happening to Joycie. And even if the tests are inconclusive, we
trust that the Lord is holding our bayb in His Hands. Please remember
us in your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks.


Sarah said...

Will definitely keep you all in my prayers. I had wondered about this, but didn't want to pry. Please keep us posted!

Kathie Brinkman said...

Kimberly, I'm sure this has been very scary for you all. You have the right attitude and are following good medical advice. I hope that the tests will find what is causing these seizures. Lord Jesus, I lift up the Holton family to you. Continue to give them Your peace which surpasses all understanding. I pray for good solid test results that show what is causing these seizures and I also pray for your full and perfect healing of Joycie. Thank you that you are with them in this challenge. Give them peace and comfort.

Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

I'll keep your family in my prayers. I hope that the test will be able to show what is causing her seizures.

Ruthe said...

Hi dear...hope all is well. Have you any news yet on Joycie's MRI? Praying for the entire family daily.