February 17, 2012

Getting Real – Week One

It’s been nearly a week since I announced to the blogging world that I was Getting Real with the foods that I use to fuel my body.  When I made my announcement, I had no true plan other than to not eat a meal that came for a box or a bag.  And I have been about 85% successful, I did have a frozen meal on Wednesday – but only because I had 20 minutes before church services started, a toddler with a head cold who wanted to be held, and no real plan for dinner.  There has also been chocolates consumed – but it is Valentine’s Day – and M bought me a whole bag of my favorite truffles…..how can I say no?

But the week is winding down, the truffles are almost gone (sniff), the frozen meals are no longer in my freezer – and at 85% success I feel better. I see less bloating in my belly, less tummy aches after meals, and the scale shows a small loss.  However, I can not keep winging it, and thus I began searching for a plan.  Oh my!

There are literally thousands upon thousands of plans on how to eat real.  I have read article after articles,  compared and contrasted, talked with friends and family,  read some more, prayed for guidance, and then made a choice.  M, Joycie and I will be following the Paleo Style of eating.  This feels like the best fit for our family, since M and I are both sensitive to grains and dairy products. Joycie will be allowed grains and dairy as she desires, but they will be whole grain and organic dairy from now on.

I plan on documenting my journey here – sharing receipes, talking about tempations, highlighting my stuggles, and the slip ups that are sure to come.

I promise not to turn this into a healthy living blog. But this is my blog about what’s happening in my life, and right now adopting healthier eating habits is a huge part of that journey.  I hope that you will follow along with me.

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