November 29, 2012

Lifted Up (Great Day 4)

Today’s challenge is to compose a blog post that lifts up some in your life that inspires you to live greater. I have two people that I want to blog about – my husband and my daughter.

I suppose to some, it seems cliché to blog about them as my inspiration. But there are not 2 people on this Earth who have inspired me more than my husband Micheal and my daughter Joycelen.

Micheal inspires me with his quiet strength. When I see an injustice or wrong in the world, I rail, shake my fits, demand that things change. Micheal simply steps in and works to fix the situation. He does not seek to blame anyone, he does not shout, he just does what he is called to do. Micheal also inspires me with his unconditional love. As my husband, Micheal is called to love me as Christ loves the church – meaning he is willing to die for me. And while I pray that he is never placed in such a situation, I know that in a moment he would offer his life for mine. In fact he does each day, when he chooses to put his own plans aside to do something I am “nagging” him about. When I get mad and snap, he just respond with a smile, shrugging off my angry words. I marvel at how he can see the darkest/ugliest parts of me, and still look at me with wonder in his eyes as if I am the greatest gift he has ever seen. It is this love that inspires me to love those around me who I may not always like.

Joycelen is my unexpected blessing. Micheal and I had only been married 3 months when we learned we were pregnant. As a newlyweds, pregnancy was not in our plans. I remember be shocked, saddened, but mostly scared. I was only a year or two removed from a 5 year battle with bulimia. I feared that pregnancy would stir up all of my old demons. But the opposite happened. As Joycelen grew inside of me, I marveled at what my body could do. Before she was ever born, my daughter taught me how to love and be at peace with myself. Then in March 2010, she came into this world, 7 lbs and 11 ounces of wide-eyed wonder. From an early age, she wanted to see the world around, to question, to learn. She inspires me to look at the world around – me to see what I can do for others. Joycelen is a happy child. In fact her cries were so rare during infancy, that the tiniest sniffle from her would bring any adult within ear shot running – because we knew there was a problem. Joycelen lives her life with joy. And she is teaching her mother how to do the same.

A loving husband and a beautiful daughter…

Two ordinary people…..

Who are my source of extraordinary inspiration.


Jenny said...

Sweet post :)

Lindsey Altermatt said...

Aren't our kiddos the best source of inspiration? They live their lives so simply, and don't get caught up in the insignificant details!

Megan Russell said...

My daughter also inspires me. She made a 17 year old girl into a Mommy, and changed my life forever. She is still a source of encouragement in my daily life. Enjoyed your post. Came from the blog hop!

Jenn said...

What a beautiful post. i love this.. Thank you for sharing! :-)

mommymessage said...

Thank you for sharing!

Blogger Loves The King said...

Me too - my husband has inspired me also. A wonderful man with a wonderful attitude which has taught me to be a Greater person. Thank you for this blog! Debbie W. (OBS Leader)

Catherine said...

Wow Kimberly,

Such a beautiful tribute to your family and the love you have for each other. Brought tears to my eyes.

You keep loving on them,

OBS Group Leader