November 24, 2012

Life with the Lees: Another Milestone

It’s been happening for awhile – I just did not want to believe. I would notice it in the once chubby legs that keep growing longer, sleeker. I could hear it in the broken sentence full of mispronounced words and a few babbles but are now entire conversations. I could feel it when angles of knees and elbows would jab into my sides during a Sunday afternoon nap. She’s declared it loudly for nearly 6 months. But yesterday, my baby officially became a big girl.

Yesterday afternoon, M and I built a toddler bed for Joycie. For months, we had stated that it was time to move her out of her crib – after all she will be 3 in a mere 4 months. But all attempts to find a bed that a) fit our budget, b) fit Joycie’s room, and c) fit both of our styles had failed. Then one evening while scrolling thru Pinterest, I found a link to a homemade toddler bed. I clicked it.

The finished project was a cute toddler bed. I showed the link to M who agreed we could do the same project for Joycie’s room. So with a few pieces of donated lumber, $30 in fabric and batting, and an hour’s worth of work, this beauty now rests where a baby’s crib once did.

And in it sleeps a “big girl” who doesn’t understand yet – but will someday realize that no matter how big she grows, how old she is, or what bed she sleeps in – she’ll always be my baby.