November 27, 2012

Greater: Day #2

Today’s assignment was to answer the discussion questions found in the back of the book.

1. Tell about a time when you found yourself wishing you were accomplishing more in life that really matters. What caused your discontent?

In all honesty, I am in that moment now. I have a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, a job I enjoy, a home, a car, all of needs and most wants are satisfied. But I find myself wondering if I’m really making a difference if my life is having an impact on eternity. I remember times early on in my faith when I felt on “fire” for God. Now, I find myself going thru the motions – Sunday school, church, prayer meeting on Wednesday, repeat – and I want MORE.

2. As you think back over your Christian life, what has been your most grandiose (and unachievable) pipe dream about doing something great for God?

The summer after my 9th grade year, I attended M-Fuge where I dreamed of becoming a missionary. Um, so yeah, that didn’t happen…..

3. Steven says, “We wake up one day to find ourselves stuck in miserable mediocrity.” Is that true for your life right now? If so, describe how you are stuck in mediocrity?

I’m there. I attend church – but more because I feel guilty than because I desire to be there. I teach Sunday School – but put little effort into the lessons. And I am not sure that the life the other 6 days of the week really reflects Christ to those around me.

4. What’s your reaction to this book’s concept of greater (as opposed to grandiose greatness and mediocre great enough)? How does it affect your perspective on your future?

I finally feel excited about the future. I know longer feel as though I have to live a life that is either stuck in neutral or fails to live up to the “ideals” in my head. I don’t have to see myself as striving to be a “Super Christian” ala Billy Graham, Steven Furtick, etc. I can just be me – a wife, mother, career woman who is so sold out to God – that He uses me to do GREATER things in my little rural town in South Georgia.

5. If you already have an idea of what greater thing God might have in mind for you, what is it?

I have NO idea what the Lord has in store for me. But I am so eager to find out!

I am participating in an Online Bible Study via Melissa Taylor. We are using the book Greater by Steven Furtick. I will be sharing my thoughts/feelings here on the blog. I hope that you are blessed my this.

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