January 31, 2012

Updated on my 30 Before 30

As you may remember, on my 29th birthday I posted a list of 30 things
I wanted to accomplish before my 30th birthday. Nearly 6 months in, I
thought it would be a godo time to evaluate what I have or have not

Here are the goals I have met:

Dance in the rain with Joycelen.

-- Joycie and I have danced in the rain several times over the last
few months. She loves it - tossing her head backing, laughing out loud
and shout "Rain go... We wet Mama".

Take dance lessons.
- Does an instructional DVD count?

Try at least 1 new recipe each month.
- This goal has been a smashing success. M and I have been cooking at
home a LOT, and trying lots of new recipes. I am enjoying learning to
prepare new dishes.

Start a children's choir at my church.
-My sister in law and I have laid the foundation for a children's
choir, when we led the children in a Christmas musical. The kids are
now interested in learning specials to sing before the congregation
and we are busy planning our next performance.

Chase lighting bugs with my nieces and nephews.
- Done – although we never managed to catch those little bugs.

There are a few goals that I have let go of:

Run a 5K race with Mikey.
Run a 5K race with my running group in each of the 4 seasons.
Run a 10K .
Complete a half marathon.
Run a 10 K race with my running group in each of the 4 seasons.

These goasl pertained to running. Due to life circumstances and some
medical issues, I have had to postpone a great deal of my running.
Therefore, it seems unrelastic that I will achieve this goals. But I
am okay with that - as my long term health and wellness is more
important. Hopefully, by spring I can train again, and will look to at
least run a 5k with Mikey and 1 to 2 5Ks with my running group.

Attend a professional football game.
- Almost happened, but then Joycie got sick. Family trumps football any day.

What's left to achieve:

Take a week day off from work, have M do the same, and spend the
entire day at home with Joycie. (Bonus points if we spend the whole
day in our p.j.s)
-- We have not done this yet. However, we did spent a few Saturdays in
our p.j.'s, cuddled in our bed, watching cartoons, having pillow
fights, and spending time together.
Attend a Nascar Race
Taking a cooking class with M.
Visit at least 2 states that I have never been to before.
Take a mission trip to another country. However, if this can not
happen a mission trip to another state will be fantastic.
Take an unplanned, uncharted, unknown roadtrip with M & Joycie. Just
load up in the car and go.
Spend an afternoon listening to my grandmother tell family stories.
Record these on video.
Treat my Mama to a spa day.
Spend a day fishing with my Daddy.
Treat my sister to a girl's day out - mani's, pedi's, a little
shopping, and a nice lunch. Complete a bike race.
Ride in a "poker run" with M.
Find something to be grateful for every day for the next year. Post a
picture of the item on my blog.
- I have started keeping a gratitude journal. It allows me to capture
the small moments of life that make me so grateful.
Practice random acts of kindness. The goal is at least one each month
for the next year.
- This goal is going well. I love finding ways to make people smile –
whether they are friends, family, coworkers or total strangers. Their
happiness has brought me immense joy.
Have something that I have written be published in a newspaper,
magazine or online.
Research, begin, and if possible earn my personal training certification.
Take a digital photography course.
Spend the day playing tourist in my tri-county area. Visit the
attractions that bring out of town folks to the area.
Read at least 1 new book each month. A new book can be defined as
either a newly published work or an old work that I have never read.
-I have managed to read 8 new books in the last 6 months. I have
fallen in love with reading again.

Not a bad start, here's to the next 6 months and all that it holds!

January 30, 2012

One Sentence Journal: 1/29/12

The perfect Sunday afternoon is a long nap underneath warm blankets
with Mikey and Joycie snuggled on either side of me.

January 27, 2012

One Sentence Journal: 1/26/12

I felt helpless tonight as I watched Joycie have another seizure.

(I will post full details later).

January 23, 2012

One Sentence Journal: 1/22/12

When Joycie saw me at church, she ran down the aisle shouting "Hi,
Mama, Love you, Mama"....I guess she had missed me.

One Word Journal: 1/21/2012

After the ladies retreat ended, I enjoyed heartfelt conversation with
several ladies and was amazed at how much we all had in common.

January 20, 2012

One Sentence Journal: Singing in the Morning

Yesterday, I read an article in Good Housekeeping, where the Mom keeps
a one sentence journal. Each day she writes a sentence about
something that happened to the family that day. Sometimes it is a
memory she want to capture, a funny story, or a simple description of
the activites of the day. I was inspired by the idea...as life is
racing full speed ahead.....Joycie is constantly changing, learning,
growing, there are things I want to remember years from now. But I
would rather spend my precious spare time playing tea party with her
than blogging. And by the time she is tucked away at night, the great
post I was going to compose gets lost in my sleep seeking brain....and
thus those moments slip away. I think for this stage of my life, a
one sentence journal is a great idea. I still plan on writing lengthy
posts, but you will be seeing more "snapshots" of life for the time

With all that being said, here is today's one sentence.

Each morning, I sing "This is the Day" while I dress Joycie but today
was different - today Joycie sang the song to me, it may have come out
"Dis is da day...Dis is da day", but is was more beautiful than any
song I have ever heard.

January 13, 2012

22 Months




You are now 22 months old.  You are weighing 28 pounds, are  44 inches tall, and wear 2T and 3T clothing.

Just like last month, your vocabulary continues to expand. When I pick you up from daycare, you tell me “Mama, I go home”.  You are also expressing your wants/needs in more sentence like statements “I want moo (milk”,  “Juice please”, etc.

You continue to love music – last weekend you sang and sang as Lacey and London strummed their guitars. If the radio is on in the car, you dance and clap your hands.


We are working on potty training – and have some minor successes. You now tell us when your diaper needs to be changed, and a few times you let us know before you went.  We will work more on this when you move up to the 2 year old classroom in March.

You are very loving and helpful. Your teachers tell us that you are always helping the smaller kids in your class take off their jackets, put away their toys, or hug them when they get upset.


You are also showing a more daredevil personality. Earlier this week, Daddy and I turned our backs for just a minute and we found you on top of the ktichen table. 

You certainly keep us on our toes, Joycie!  And we love every minute of the adventure!


Mama & Daddy

January 05, 2012

Embracing My Camera


Right after Joycie was born, M gifted me with a shiny, new DSLR – it was  a hybrid push present/ Mother’s Day Gift. I was beyond excited as I dreamed of all the gorgeous, professional looking photos I would take.  I vowed to learn all I could about photography so that I could capture all of Joycie’s special moments.

And while I have taken literally thousands of photos in the past 2 year, my knowledge of photography and my camera has not advance beyond the basics.  I figured that I was just too busy – and we have an amazing photographer that we use for professional shots – so I did not pursue the issue.

But then my friend, Kevin started this this amazing blog that showcases a daily photo of his life.  His beautiful work inspired me to dust off my camera, revive my interest, and starting shooting again.

For now, my goal is to simply take a photo every day. I need to get comfortable with my camera.  I am also going to head to the library to find a book on digital photography – in the hopes that I can learn how my camera actually works beyond the auto setting.

I’ll wrap up this post with my first photo of 2012.