January 13, 2012

22 Months




You are now 22 months old.  You are weighing 28 pounds, are  44 inches tall, and wear 2T and 3T clothing.

Just like last month, your vocabulary continues to expand. When I pick you up from daycare, you tell me “Mama, I go home”.  You are also expressing your wants/needs in more sentence like statements “I want moo (milk”,  “Juice please”, etc.

You continue to love music – last weekend you sang and sang as Lacey and London strummed their guitars. If the radio is on in the car, you dance and clap your hands.


We are working on potty training – and have some minor successes. You now tell us when your diaper needs to be changed, and a few times you let us know before you went.  We will work more on this when you move up to the 2 year old classroom in March.

You are very loving and helpful. Your teachers tell us that you are always helping the smaller kids in your class take off their jackets, put away their toys, or hug them when they get upset.


You are also showing a more daredevil personality. Earlier this week, Daddy and I turned our backs for just a minute and we found you on top of the ktichen table. 

You certainly keep us on our toes, Joycie!  And we love every minute of the adventure!


Mama & Daddy

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