January 31, 2012

Updated on my 30 Before 30

As you may remember, on my 29th birthday I posted a list of 30 things
I wanted to accomplish before my 30th birthday. Nearly 6 months in, I
thought it would be a godo time to evaluate what I have or have not

Here are the goals I have met:

Dance in the rain with Joycelen.

-- Joycie and I have danced in the rain several times over the last
few months. She loves it - tossing her head backing, laughing out loud
and shout "Rain go... We wet Mama".

Take dance lessons.
- Does an instructional DVD count?

Try at least 1 new recipe each month.
- This goal has been a smashing success. M and I have been cooking at
home a LOT, and trying lots of new recipes. I am enjoying learning to
prepare new dishes.

Start a children's choir at my church.
-My sister in law and I have laid the foundation for a children's
choir, when we led the children in a Christmas musical. The kids are
now interested in learning specials to sing before the congregation
and we are busy planning our next performance.

Chase lighting bugs with my nieces and nephews.
- Done – although we never managed to catch those little bugs.

There are a few goals that I have let go of:

Run a 5K race with Mikey.
Run a 5K race with my running group in each of the 4 seasons.
Run a 10K .
Complete a half marathon.
Run a 10 K race with my running group in each of the 4 seasons.

These goasl pertained to running. Due to life circumstances and some
medical issues, I have had to postpone a great deal of my running.
Therefore, it seems unrelastic that I will achieve this goals. But I
am okay with that - as my long term health and wellness is more
important. Hopefully, by spring I can train again, and will look to at
least run a 5k with Mikey and 1 to 2 5Ks with my running group.

Attend a professional football game.
- Almost happened, but then Joycie got sick. Family trumps football any day.

What's left to achieve:

Take a week day off from work, have M do the same, and spend the
entire day at home with Joycie. (Bonus points if we spend the whole
day in our p.j.s)
-- We have not done this yet. However, we did spent a few Saturdays in
our p.j.'s, cuddled in our bed, watching cartoons, having pillow
fights, and spending time together.
Attend a Nascar Race
Taking a cooking class with M.
Visit at least 2 states that I have never been to before.
Take a mission trip to another country. However, if this can not
happen a mission trip to another state will be fantastic.
Take an unplanned, uncharted, unknown roadtrip with M & Joycie. Just
load up in the car and go.
Spend an afternoon listening to my grandmother tell family stories.
Record these on video.
Treat my Mama to a spa day.
Spend a day fishing with my Daddy.
Treat my sister to a girl's day out - mani's, pedi's, a little
shopping, and a nice lunch. Complete a bike race.
Ride in a "poker run" with M.
Find something to be grateful for every day for the next year. Post a
picture of the item on my blog.
- I have started keeping a gratitude journal. It allows me to capture
the small moments of life that make me so grateful.
Practice random acts of kindness. The goal is at least one each month
for the next year.
- This goal is going well. I love finding ways to make people smile –
whether they are friends, family, coworkers or total strangers. Their
happiness has brought me immense joy.
Have something that I have written be published in a newspaper,
magazine or online.
Research, begin, and if possible earn my personal training certification.
Take a digital photography course.
Spend the day playing tourist in my tri-county area. Visit the
attractions that bring out of town folks to the area.
Read at least 1 new book each month. A new book can be defined as
either a newly published work or an old work that I have never read.
-I have managed to read 8 new books in the last 6 months. I have
fallen in love with reading again.

Not a bad start, here's to the next 6 months and all that it holds!

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