January 20, 2012

One Sentence Journal: Singing in the Morning

Yesterday, I read an article in Good Housekeeping, where the Mom keeps
a one sentence journal. Each day she writes a sentence about
something that happened to the family that day. Sometimes it is a
memory she want to capture, a funny story, or a simple description of
the activites of the day. I was inspired by the idea...as life is
racing full speed ahead.....Joycie is constantly changing, learning,
growing, there are things I want to remember years from now. But I
would rather spend my precious spare time playing tea party with her
than blogging. And by the time she is tucked away at night, the great
post I was going to compose gets lost in my sleep seeking brain....and
thus those moments slip away. I think for this stage of my life, a
one sentence journal is a great idea. I still plan on writing lengthy
posts, but you will be seeing more "snapshots" of life for the time

With all that being said, here is today's one sentence.

Each morning, I sing "This is the Day" while I dress Joycie but today
was different - today Joycie sang the song to me, it may have come out
"Dis is da day...Dis is da day", but is was more beautiful than any
song I have ever heard.

1 comment:

Amy Jo said...

What a great idea! I may have to keep this in mind.