March 05, 2012

Test Results are In (Joycie's Seizure Update, Part 3)

Today on her 2nd birthday, Joycie underwent an EEG. After the EEG, we met with her neurologist and learned that both the MRI (which she had last Thursday) and the EEG were perfect normal. Basically, we have no true reason for why Joycie is having seizures, however, the medicine seems to be controlling them. For now, we will continue with the current dosage and will see the neurologist again in 3 months. Please pray that the meds continue to keep Joycie seizure free. Thank you all for the prayers over the last few weeks.


Sarah said...

Gosh, it's sort of bittersweet! I mean, praise God that there does not appear to be anything "bad" going on, but at the same time you almost want some sort of diagnosis to understand why. Do they think it is something she could grow out of? We'll keep praying!!! Keep us posted.

Ruthe said...

Bless your heart...I agree with Sarah about some sort of diagnosis giving understanding. I pray the meds will continue to give your little one relief and yes, that Joysie will outgrow this. And, you my dear, continue to believe. We all care.