March 17, 2012

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Joycie!


Dearest Joycie,

You turned 2!!!  For more than 24 months, we have shared our lives with you – and we are so blessed for it.  I thought you changed so much in the first year of your life, but I think you might have changed even more in the 2nd. Let’s start off with you stats. We had your 2 year old check up last week and you are now 34 inches tall and weigh 30 pounds.  Doctor C was very happy with how well you had grown and progressed since your 18th month check up.


This year you mastered the art of walking, then running, and jumping. You went from babbling, to saying a few words, to carry on entire conversations.  You continued to develop an outspoken, fun loving, joyful personality. 


You love to be on the move – whether it is jumping on the trampoline with your cousins, riding the tractor with Daddy, or dancing around the house with Mama.  You are “Go…Go…Go”  from the time you wake up until your head hits the pillow at night.  While at times, it makes us tired, it gives us so much happiness that you are living life to the fullest.

You are also very smart and kind.  You are already learning the various letters of the alphabet, how to count, and can identify some colors.  At school and church, you tend to look after the younger children – bringing them toys, giving the hugs and kisses, and playing with them. Mama got to see your nuturing side, when she found you likes this:


Standing on the chair reading to your baby dolls – each of which was tucked in a blanket.


The past 24 months of been full of so much joy and happiness but there was also a bit of fear… as you starting experiencing seizures. But you faced that challenge like anything else – head on and with a smile.  You went thru an MRI and an EEG with very little fuss – something that would be hard for most adults, much less a little girl.

Our greatest prayer for you has always been that you would grow up to have a heart for Jesus.  We can already see our prayers being answered as you get so excited when we go to church, love to sing Sunday school songs, and often wave at the stars and say ‘Hi, Jesus’.  We continue to pray that we can raise you to love our Savior with all of your heart.

And we continue to thank that same Savior, that he chose us to be the parents of such an amazing little girl.

We love you!

~Mama and Daddy

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Kathie Brinkman said...

Cute!! What a blessed little girl to have you and Mikey as parents. so far, so good!!