December 30, 2009

Making Room for Baby

Now that the holidays are behind us and just 9 weeks remain in our pregnancy, M and I have turned our focus to preparing our home for Joycelen's arrival. The major decisions regarding her nursery theme - furniture, decor, and design - have all been decided for sometime. We are now entering the implementation stage.

Her bedding is called Mod Butterfly. The pattern was chose by M, after we looked at more than 100 other bedding selections. He felt that it was a nice mixture of "girly colors" and "feminine details" without being too fussy/ girly-girly. I should note here that my only requirement for her nursery theme was that it was not wall to wall pink or overly girly - this bedding met my criteria and made M happy, which is a win/win.

Our plan is to paint the top half of her walls in a mint green color, have a white chair rail in the middle, and the bottom half will be chocolate brown. We have chose some colors that we like and are going to test them out on the walls over the weekend. If we are happy with our selections, painting will began next week. But there is going to be a lot more activity happening in our house. Here is a tentative timeline:

Wednesday, December 30 @ 12:00 p.m. - Meet with the flooring contractor to finalize design choices for wood floors that will be installed in living room and Joycelen's nursery

Friday, January 1 - Re purpose home office to Joycelen's nursery. This means moving the treadmill to our exercise room, the desk to the living room, cleaning out the office closet - ridding it of unnecessary items and finding new homes for the remainder. And we also have to pack away our Christmas decorations!

Saturday, January 2 - Start our baby registry. Pick up sample paint colors, test them on walls, make final paint selections.

Wednesday, January 6 - Painting starts

Monday, January 18 - Flooring is installed

Friday, January 22 - Saturday, January 23 - Set up Joycelen's crib, dresser, and rocker. Aunt Jessica will be coming over to add the additional design elements.

That's just what we know is going to happen. Somewhere in there we have to have 2 baby showers - one with our church and one with my mother's family. It is going to be a busy month, but I hope to have everything set to go by the 1st of February, so that I can really "relax" the last few weeks of my pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

I am glad I read your blog so that I can plan to be there on the 22nd & 23rd! On your shower with the family, let me know what I can do to help with it.

Kari said...

That sounds like quite a project! Will we get to see in-progress pictures?

Kathie Brinkman said...

Sounds like a good plan; keep it rolling along and just get it done!! Get whatever help you need putting clothes away, etc. so you're ready for baby at least 4 weeks before due date. Best of luck to the two of you. amazing how quickly the time has gone huh? that's how I feel after 15 years of motherhood---like a blink of an eye. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!