September 01, 2010

Weekend in Atlanta, Part 2


Hi Bloggies – I’m back, did you miss me?  I missed ya’ll.  So, where did I leave off last time.  Oh, I remember. Even with Mama navigating, we managed to make it to Turner Field.


Here I am with Daddy waiting for the game to start.  Mama made sure that I was slathered in sunscreen, had my hat, and was properly hydrated….


Watching the Braves was hard work. I got tired from clapping my hands and cheering. So around the 4th inning, I took a nap.


I woke up in the 7th inning. I sat with Papa and Nana and watched the Braves score again, and again, and again. The Braves won the game 13-1.

After the game, we loaded up and head back home. It was a busy and short weekend in Atlanta. But I can already see why Mama and Daddy like visiting there…. I can’t wait to go back.

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Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

Awwww!She looks like she was having fun. Love the picture of her sleeping =)