April 24, 2013

Getting Back Into Blogging

I miss this corner of the internet. This blog where I documented the first few months of my marriage, shared weekly updates of my first pregnancy, shared my thoughts on my faith, family, and documented the day by day of our lives.

But I got busy...

With Work

With Church

With my "fitness" blog

And my writing here grew sporadic.  I'd pop in for token updates - like Joycie's annual birthday letter.  But it felt forced.

My days are jammed packed, my spare time precious.  And I felt that I needed to devote it to my other blog in attempt to grow readership.

However, I am feeling unfullfilled.  I started realizing that I miss this blog.

I miss the relationships that I formed thru writing here.

So I'm back.  I won't promise that I'll post every day.  But I can promise that I will be blogging more.

And hopefully, you'll enjoy reading.

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