October 20, 2009

Playing Nurse

On Sundy, M started complaining that he had a mild toothache. He took a few Tylenol and the problem seemed to alleviate itself. Fast forward to Monday morning, and the tiny toothache had returned with a vengeance. M has hurting so bad that he scheduled a dentist appointment for the same afternoon.

A quick consult with the dentist led to the conclusion that M needs a root canal. But before he can undergo the procedure, he needs to complete a 7 day round of antibiotics. Needless to say, poor M is quite a bit of pain (he slept so fitfully last night that he called into work today).

When I checked on him at lunch time, his face was swollen, he was still hurting and the antibiotics/pain meds that he had taken on an empty stomach were making him feel even worse. I made him a bowl of chicken noodle soup and left him dozing on the couch.

Hopefully the antibiotics and the pain meds will begin working their magic soon, until then I will be playing nurse.


Annie Jones said...

I was going through that a couple of months ago. No fun, but as soon as the antibiotics start working on that infection, the pain will ease up. Good luck to M.

Amy Jo said...

You are such a loving wife!! Hope M feels better soon.