December 06, 2011


I am a few days late to the party for #resound 11….but I figured
better late than never. I am going to briefly catch up from the first
4 prompts in this post, and then start playing along daily. I hope
you will join me.

Prompt for Dec 1 – One Word.

What is the one word that you would use to describe your 2011? Why
does that word sum up your year?

When I read this prompt, the first word that came to mind was
"growing". I think that it is very insightful that I chose a verb as
my word – as 2011 was a year of doing. I grew in terms of work –
taking on more responsibilities and project. I grew in my relationship
with Mikey – learning how to work thru some dark and difficult times.
I grew personally by branching out to teach aerobics and lead a
running group. I grew as a mother – learning how to set boundaries for
Joycie while allowing her the space she needs to explore her world.
And lastly, but most importantly, I am growing in my faith. As 2011
winds to a close, I am spending more time in God's Holy Word, in
prayer, and am preparing to start my first fast.

Prompt for Dec 2: Vices

Did you slip into any old habits that you wish you hadn't? Did you
gain any new habits that you wish you would've walked away from? Did
you discover the evils of Nutella?

One word …. Chocolate! After 7 months of dedicated 5K training and
cleaning eating, I embrace the summer season with a huge slice of
chocolate cake. Then it was ice cream sundaes with hot fudge syrup,
chocolate bars as my afternoon pick me up. While chocolate is
delicious and something I do not intend to completely eliminate from
my life…I can say that 2011 saw a HUGE jump in the amount of candy I
consumed. Hopefully 2012 will see a dramatic reduction.

Prompt for Dec 3: Virtues

What good have you done in 2011? Where do you really shine? What have
you done that makes you proud of yourself?
One of the things I am proudest of this year, is that I stepped up and
offered to teach an aerobics class at my church. The class started
with just my sister-in-law and I, but has grown into a group of 9
women, and has given birth to a weekly running group. Moreover, the
group became a way for the younger women of our church to fellowship
together – we have had girl's days out, movie nights, and weekly
breakfasts together where we just chat about our lives, and enjoy just
being girls (not wives, Mamas, aunts, etc…).

Prompt for Dec 4: Superpower

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able
to leap tall buildings in a single bound…we know you've got one. What
is your 2011 superpower?

For those of you doing the initial what the what… stop. Think about it
for a moment: what have you learned that you can do better than anyone
you know this year? What can you do that no one else can? Don't be
This prompt gave me a lot of difficulty. I tend to think of myself as
just average – nothing special, nothing extraordinary. But then I
realized that I am special – after all God says that I am wonderful
and fearless made. I thought about the "gifts" that I have been told I
have, and I began to see a theme – I am a great listener!

Whether the hubby needs to vent about work related stress, my
sister-in-law needs to talk about her son's struggles at school, or a
co-worker needs to just talk, I am always eager to listen.

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