May 13, 2013

Just Chatting (A Virtual Coffee Date)

I imagine us seated in comfy, over-sized chairs in a quaint coffee shop. The soft sounds of the barista taking orders, the whir of the blender, and the soft chatter of customers acting a background track to our meeting.  I see myself sipping an iced coffee, eager to tell you of the happenings since our last conversation.

Once you had settled yourself, I would begin to recount my Mother's Day.  How I woke up at 7:30 to Joycie tugging on my hand and shouting "It's morning time, Mama!" I would laugh as I remembered how alert and happy she was, while I stumbled to the kitchen to fix her milk.   I'd share how Micheal gifted me with a steaming cup of coffee and pancakes - which were the best gifts I could have gotten.  But he also gave me beautiful cards, my favorite Lindor Truffles, and a new locket.

If we were chatting right now, you would listen as I talked about the afternoon we spent with the mother's in our lives - Micheal's Mom and 2 grandmothers, and my own mother.  And I would wonder aloud if I'll be have the mother that each of those women have been.

As time winds down, I'd tell you how blueberry season is in full swing, and our farm responsibilities are increasing. I'd talk about having to learn to drive the tractor, hauling berries to town after dark, and how I am watching the weather almost hourly - hoping for the right amount of sun and rain. And chuckle at myself - the girl who thought she'd never live Atlanta - who is rapidly becoming a country girl.

I'd end our time together, by asking you about your Mother's Day - eager to hear how you celebrated the Mother's in your life? I would want to know what you are doing in the upcoming weeks.  And I of course would make a date for coffee next week, will you join me?

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