June 24, 2009


Nearly two years ago, I got a called that devestated me. My great friend Ben was calling to tell me that our mutual friend J.B. had been murdered. It was just 2 days before my 25th birthday - and we had all been planning to have a party to celebrate. I remember sobbing into the phone and then crawling into my father's lap like a child, and crying out "Why?  Why would someone murder him? He was such a great person."
I will never understand why J.B. was taken from this world. It still hurts to think of him being gone. However, news I received today has helped to lessen the pain. The following is from an e-mail sent to J.B. friends regarding the sentencing of his killer:
"Sentencing was today.  After hearing testimony from JB's step dad and family of the defendants, the judge deliberated and came back with a sentence of life plus 35 years for each defendant.  The life sentence means after 30 years they are eligible for parole, combined with the 35 years on top, they wont be eligible for parole for 65 years."

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