June 02, 2009

Try This Recipe Tuesday

M and I love to eat - we take great joy in our food. Perhaps it is the fact that we come from families where family gathering often centered around food. M's family always shares Sunday lunch together (although we call dinner down here in the South)at his Meme's. My family has a tradition of getting together at my Aunt Gail's every Thanksgiving. At that meal, I know to look for certain dishes - Aunt Cheryl's Bannana Split Cake, Mema's Apple Salad, Aunt Joy's Shrimp and Rice, Aunt Gail's "dressing" (aka stuffing). Food is a huge part of our heritage, but unforutnately the food that we grew up eating (and loving) is not necessarily the healthiest. M and I have committed to try and live a healthier lifestyle and the largest component of that will be eating better.

In the 2 months since our wedding, we have eaten healthier, but I find we are eating the same things over and over again. Chicken salads, turkey burgers, stir-fry dishes - all healthy, all delicious - but my tastebuds are getting a bit bored. So in order to spice up our kitchen (and the blog), I have deemed Tuesdays "Try This Receipe" Tuesday. M and I will comb thru the myriad of food blogs, receipes sites and cookbooks we own to find a "new to us" receipe. We will then preare that meal, and I'll showcase the experience with pics and our thoughts right here.

If you my readers, have any contributions to make to "Try This Receipe Tuesday" you can either e-mail me or leave it as a comment.

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Amy Jo said...

What a great idea. I feel the same way about our meals. I started weight watchers and feel like I'm eating the same "safe" food over and over again! BORING!! Looking forward to your recipes.