May 14, 2010

2 Month Check Up

Joycelen had her 2 month checkup on Thursday. She weighed 10 pounds, 9 ounces - nearly 3 pounds above her birth weight. Her length was 23 inches long - nearly 3 inches more that her length at birth. The actual exam was pretty painless. Dr. C did note that Joycelen had the beginning stages of "thrush" and was showing symptoms of a mild case of reflux. Both of these diagnosies warranted prescription medication. Following her exam, Joycelen received her 1st round of vaccines. 3 shots and 1 oral med later, this is what we were left with....

Per instructions for Dr. C (and my Mom, my MIL, SIL, my sister - and every other mother I know) I had given Joycelen a dose of baby Tylenol prior to the visit. I continued the Tylenol for 24 hours afterwards. And this is how baby girl spent her afternoon:

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