May 16, 2010

Peaceful Easy Feeling

My wall clock reads that it is just a minute after 7:00 a.m. The soft rays of the rising sun are streaming thru my window and dancing across my floors. In the quiet of the morning, I listen to the sounds of my home - the soft whurrr of the air conditioner, a faint hum as a load of freshly laundered clothes tumbles in the dryer, the deep rumble that is M's snore, and Joycelen tiny peeps echoing in response.

Most Sunday mornings I sleep in until the last possible second - then it is a mad dash to make it to church on time. And more often than not, I am left feeling grumpy/angry which is no way to enter a worshp service. So, I decided to try something different today. I am forgoing an extra hour of sleep (which I do not really need as I am getting 8 hours already), rising early, and facing my Sunday morning head on.

Thus far, I have fed Joycelen her morning bottle, played with her for a bit, and settled her back down for a nap, showered and fixed my hair, washed a load of clothes, put that load in the dryer, and started a second load. In a moment, I will fix myself a breakfast of greek yogurt and granola which I shall enjoy while catching up on my favorite blogs. Lastly, I will read over my Sunday school lesson, before I wake M so that he can get ready.

I have never been an early riser, but today has left me wondering if I should not seek to become one.

**Joycelen's Christening is today, so be sure to check back for a recap and photos.

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Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Getting up early almost always makes me feel better and my day start smoother. But I still have the hardest time making myself do it! Habits are hard to break!!