December 09, 2010

Twas' The Write Before Christmas: Day 4

Day 4 Prompt

How the Grinch Stole Christmas, is one of my top 5 favorite Christmas movies (although, I will admit that the Grinch scared me just a bit when I was a child). As I child, I loved the movie because the “bad character” became “good” at the end. The movie had a happy ending – and I have always been a sucker for happy ending.

Now that I am a grown up – and perhaps a bit wiser, I love the movie because it teaches the important lesson that in the words of Mr. Grinch

“Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more."

It is that little bit more than can make all the difference in the holiday season. For me, the little bit more is:

  • Celebrating the Birth of My Savior

  • Watching Christmas Movies in my PJ’s with the children from our Church

  • Singing silly Christmas songs with my husband, brother in law, an sister in law while standing in my mother-in-law’s kitchen

  • It is watching my nieces make smores in my fireplace on Christmas Eve.

  • It is decorating Christmas cookies with my nephews.

  • It is the wonder in my daughter’s eyes as she creeps over to touch the lights on our Christmas tree.

Knowing that for the moment all the people that I love most are safe, healthy, and well.

What things make your Christmas “mean a little bit more”?


Pro Deo et Patria said...

Having nobody shooting at you!!

Jennifer said...

I found myself watching that movie this year and hoping EmmyKate would grasp just what it was saying. I have really been trying hard this year to teach her it is not all about the gifts, but rather about Jesus.

Hyacynth said...

For me, it's watching my little one hold baby Jesus from our manger scene and sing happy birthday to Him. Makes my heart soar ... fills my heart with the Hope God sent in the form of a baby.

Your list is filled with the very things that make my heart feel full. So glad you shared today!

Lenae said...

I like your "little bit more" :).

Alita said...

These are ALL fantastic reasons to love the real reasons of the season.

Jackie said...

I think if it weren't for going to Church , Christmas would mean 'a little bit less' . So going to Church meant everything more to me .

Jessica said...

I loooove singing Christmas songs with my girls! That always gives me "a little bit more".

Thanks for your sweet words yesterday. I appreciate them.


Melissa said...

I love your list!

Colleen said...

All the things on your list as well as just the joy in my kid's faces all throughout the season. I love how happy they are.