December 31, 2010

2010 In Review


January – This was the month that we spent preparing our house for Joycelen’s arrival. There was a lot painting and cleaning. But the hardwork gave us a beautiful nursery for our daughter.

February – During the month of love we were in the home stretch towards Joycie’s birth. We spent this month having baby showers, visiting the doctor and counting down.

March – Along with the strong March winds, we welcomed our daughter into the world. The first few days were fraught with a few bloopers but we managed to survive.

April – April saw me return to work and learn about the darkside of motherhood. However, the smile of a certain little girl outshined the negative.

May – Things were rough around the Lee household in May. A sick husband and baby added up to one exhausted Mama.

June -  The start of summer saw big changes in our household. I learned that I couldn't do it all, M celebrated his first Father's Day, and Joycie had her first visit to daycare.

July – July brought steaming hot temperatures in South Georgia….so we spent our free time inside. July was also a month of insight and self-acceptance for me.

August – This month started out on a high note, with a lovely family trip to Atlanta. However, it ended on a sad one as we had to say goodbye to my beloved cousin.

September – M turned 31 this month and we celebrated with a birthday scavenger hunt.

October – Joycie experienced her first fall festival, hayride, and placed 2nd in a costume contest.

November – As the weather turned cool, and we prepared to celebrate a day of thanks, Joycie once again taught her Mama an important lesson or two.

December – We celebrated Joycie’s first Christmas with our family and friends.

Our New Year’s Eve plans are low-key. We have a NYE service at church, after which, M and I will watch the “ball” drop from the comfort of our couch.  I hope that each of you has a blessed New Year.