February 18, 2011

11 Months


note the major bedhead


You are now 11 months old – which means Mama is frantically trying to finalize the last minute details of your 1st birthday party, while trying to remember to savor each moment with you.  Here are you stats for this month:

•You weigh 22 pounds. And are 29.5 inches long.

•In terms of diapers, you are still wearing size 3

•You are now wearing clothing sized 12 months.  But we are finding that the tops are becoming too short. You’ll be moving up to 18 months before much longer.

This month’s big achievement is that you took your first steps.  Not only was it amazing to see you achieve this big milestone, but you took those first steps in the same place that Mama took her footsteps – the living room at Nana Nancy and Papa Babo’s house. Since those first steps, you’ve taken few more unassisted steps (3 while hanging out with your other Nana and Papa, 2 with Aunt Lane) – but it seems that once you realize that you are walking, you promptly change your mind.


Since you are now an extremely active crawler, Mama and Daddy spend lots of time chasing you throughout the house. You are especially attracted to the bathroom – you love to crawl in there and play with things you aren’t suppose to – like the toilet.  Just yesterday, I discover rolls of toilet paper floating in the bowl…..any ideas how that happened?

Your favorite toys are still your baby dolls and your singing lady bug. You also enjoy playing with anything with buttons – especially t.v. remotes and telephones.

Next week, you will start daycare full time. Daddy and Mama are certain that this new adventure will prompt even more growth and development.

~Mama & Daddy


Maria said...

Wowie, 11 months already? That year was fast! (I know, I know...let's not talk about how old my kiddo is turning, okay?) She and Mia are about the same size. They could share a closet!

Erica said...

ah! That last picture is the best :) And her first steps! Oh my gosh! And even cooler that it happened in the same place where you took yours (melt!). Can't wait to read about her first birthday