June 08, 2011

15 Months


Dear Joycie,

Another month has come and gone, and now you are 15 months old.  With each passing day, we see less of the tiny baby that we brought home from the hospital, and more of a beautiful little girl.


This was another month full of exciting changes for you. To begin with, you cut 2 more teeth, bringing your total up to 4 – 2 on top, 2 on bottom.  At daycare, you moved from the baby room to the 1-year old room, where you have already become the “leader” as your teacher calls you. Each morning, you walk down the hall, open the door on your own, and go inside to find a friend.  Then you turn around give me a kiss and say “Bye.”  At day’s end, you blow kisses and wave bye to your teacher and your friends.

In the last month, you have become more adventurous – looking to learn anything and everything about the world around you – which sometimes gets you into trouble.


You love to ride on the 4-wheeler or tractor – and it doesn’t matter whose driving. You laugh so big as the wind blows thru your hair, and you clap your hands with excitement. 

You are learning to point out your body parts. We have mastered head, eyes, and tongue – which you show by sticking it out and wiggling it. And you all say “so big” if asked how big you are.

Speaking of how big you are, here are your stats for this month:

  • You weigh 22 pounds, and are 31 inches long.
  • You wear 18 month tops, 12 month bottoms, size 4 shoes, and size 3 diapers.


We love asking you various questions and watching your response – either a big head shake yes, a small head shake no, or a quizzical look if you are not sure….and the occasional yes and no.


You are changing every day Joycie, and each changes excites us as we fall more and more in love with you!


Love you lots,

Mama & Daddy.

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Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

Happy 15 months!! She's such a little cutie. Don't you just love that their personalities are starting to come out a little more everyday now?