June 24, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Wonder

< i> I am participating in The Gsypy Mama's Five Minute Friday. Each Friday, we are given a prompt and for 5 minutes we write were the prompt leads, no thinking, no editing, just writing.  This week's prompt was Wonder.  </i>

I watch her in the rearview mirror as we drive into town. Her hands are clapping along with the music – and I marvel that at 15 months she has the innate ability to stay on the beat.  As the upbeat song changes to a slow one, her attention is drawn away. I watch as she begins to point out her various body parts – head, eyes, ears, nose, and her tongue  - she says the names to herself, somewhat garbled, but clear enough for me to understand.

I study those body parts – the light brown hair, the bright blue eyes, the rosy cheeks, the small ears, and that cute pink tongue.  Only a few traces of her babyhood remain, each day she becomes more like a little girl, and less of a baby.


She begins to sing, an incoherent song, but it makes her smile. My heart swells at the sight of those four tiny teeth flashing. As I listen to her sing, my mind drifts back to that hot July day, two years ago, when I sat on the bathroom floor and tried to comprehend my impending motherhood.


At that time, all I could think of was sleepless nights, dirty diapers, bottles, and formula – my life changing forever. But now, I know that motherhood is so much more. Motherhood is watching the world thru my child's eyes. It is seeing the best parts of my husband and me coming together into a beautiful being.


It is the amazement of her achievements, the beauty of her soul, and the wonder that she has brought to my world

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