June 17, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Home

I am participating in The Gyspy's Mama 5 Minute Friday. This week's prompt is Home:

Home is a not the three bedroom, two bathroom house on the dirt road near the county line where I now reside. And it is not  not the yellow concrete block house on the paved street where I spent the first 26 years of my life. Home is more than mortar, stone, lumber…. It's flesh, blood, heart.


Home is my daughter's breath brushing against my neck as she dozes while we cuddled on the couch. Home is my husband's arm draped across my hip as we snuggle between the sheets of our bed. Home is my mother's smile, my father's laugh, the crazy antics of my nieces and nephews. Home is long heart to hearts with my sister, sister in law or best friends. It's my brother in law's silly jokes and goofy grins.  Home is my father-in-law's bear hugs, and the gentle grace of my mother-in-law. Home is the wisdom of my 3 grandmothers – 1 by birth, 2 by blessing (marriage). Home is the love of my  myriad of aunts, uncles, cousins,  

Home is not a house, but rather the people who I share my life with on a daily basis.

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