August 04, 2011

30 Before 30


At 5:59 a.m., I turned 29 years old and officially entered the last year of my twenties. Up until a few days ago the thought of entering this “last year” had not crossed my mind. Then suddenly I was hit with an overwhelming urge to create, do, be and experience more – as though the life I have right now is somehow not enough or that once I turn 30 I would be unable to achieve any measurable goals. 

Since I am 100% blessed to have the life I am living – a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter, a job I love, a nice home, car, and my health – I pushed aside the idea of creating the list…..and moved on.

However, in the quiet moments of the day, I felt myself once again needing to write this list. A conversation with a dear friend helped me to see, that creating a “30 Before 30” list does not mean I am unhappy with who I am now. Rather, the list gives me direction and focus in what can often be a busy, hectic and demanding life. 

Therefore, I am submitting to the blogging world my “30 Before 30” list.

1. Dance in the rain with Joycelen.
2. Take a week day off from work, have M do the same, and spend the entire day at home with Joycie. (Bonus points if we spend the whole day in our p.j.s)
3. Run a 5K race with Mikey.
4. Run a 5K race with my running group in each of the 4 seasons.
5. Run a 10K .
6. Complete a half marathon.
7. Run a 5K race with my running group in each of the 4 seasons.
8. Attend a Nascar Race
9. Attend a professional football game.
10. Take dance lessons.
11. Try at least 1 new recipe each month.
12. Taking a cooking class with M.
13. Visit at least 2 states that I have never been to before.
14. Take a mission trip to another country. However, if this can not happen a mission trip to another state will be fantastic.
15. Start a children’s choir at my church.
16. Take an unplanned, uncharted, unknown roadtrip with M & Joycie.  Just load up in the car and go.
17. Chase lighting bugs with my nieces and nephews.
18. Spend an afternoon listening to my grandmother tell family stories. Record these on video.
19. Treat my Mama to a spa day.
20. Spend a day fishing with my Daddy.
21. Treat my sister to a girl’s day out - mani’s, pedi’s, a little shopping, and a nice lunch.
22. Complete a bike race.
23. Ride in a “poker run” with M.
24. Find something to be grateful for every day for the next year. Post a picture of the item on my blog.
25. Practice random acts of kindness. The goal is at least one each month for the next year.
26. Have something that I have written be published in a newspaper,  magazine or online.
27. Research, begin, and if possible earn my personal training certification.
28. Take a digital photography course.
29. Spend the day playing tourist in my tri-county area. Visit the attractions that bring out of town folks to the area.
30. Read at least 1 new book each month.  A new book can be defined as either a newly published work or an old work that I have never read.

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Jennifer said...

I love all of those, but especially #18 with your grandmother. We just found a notebook that my Nana had written stories down in before she passed away and it is so fun to read her thoughts and stories about life.