May 22, 2012

Little Eyes are Watching, Little Ears are Listening

Each evening afternoon bathtime, pj's and teeth brushing, Mikey, Joycie and I pile into our master bedroom for snuggle time.  Every night, either Mikey or I will offer prayers before we close our eyes and wait for Joycie to fall asleep.  Last night, as we lay there listening for the even breathes that indicate Joycie has drifted off - we heard something different.  A tiny voice whispering the names of her school friends " 'Lana, Lexa, Co-Co (that's Chloe in Joycie speak), and her favorite cartoons, Dora, Boots, Umi Zoomi, and Mama and Daddy.  Amen."
I asked Mikey if he had heard what I had heard.  He squeezed my hand and answered that he had.  Our precious girl was offering up her own prayer - thanking our Heavenly Father for the things she loves most in the world. It made me smile...and reminded me that we bear the responsiblity of teaching Joycie about the love of God, and how to live a life that is pleasing to him.  The weight of that responsiblity is heavy....but moments like last night remind me that perhaps we are doing it right after all.

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BeyondBananas said...

Hi! I see you have a Susan G. Komen 3-day Badge on your site! I did the 3-day in Boston last year and LOVED it! Is this your first walk? Where are you doing it?!