May 11, 2012

Things I want to Remember

Joycie is growing up so fast that it feels as though she is changing right before my eyes. This blog has allowed to capture and document all the memories, emotions, milestones and moments that I never want to forget.  These days I am marveling at how much her vocabluary is expanding, and chucling at her slight and sometimes large misprounication of words.  My favorites at this stage:
Pee-yooo instead of Pillows
Covees instead of Covers
Muiins instead of Muffins
Dere instead of There.
And that when she couns 1 to 10 she always skips over number 4. When I correct her, she responds "Mama, I not like four."  

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Ruthe said...

What beautiful memories, for you now, Joysie later. This is a good thing you're doing by writing down these moments and keeping them alive. Hope the entire family is okay and I trust you had a wonderful 'Mother's Day'. Miss seeing you over at YLF. Ruthe