August 11, 2009

First Day of Pre-K

*Today my oldest nephew Trevor started pre-K. I was there to capture the moment on "film" and in my own mind.


Today you started Pre-K. And Aunt Kimbo could not be prouder of you. It seems that just yesterday, I was coming into your Mama's hospital room to hold you for the first time. You seemed so tiny at that time. Then again, you were the first newborn I'd ever seen, so it may have been just my perception.

I had been holding you just a few moments when you started fussing. I scrambled to find a way to soothe you - and began singing the Georgia Tech fight song - softly and very off key. It was not a traditional lullabye, but you loved it. And from that moment to this one, you have held my heart.

I have been amazed to watch you grow, to see you take your first steps, say your first words. And I was quite proud the day you learned to say Kimbo. Your Mama said that you would point at any picture of me at Nana's and exclaim "Kimbo!". I was tickled pink.

Now you love to come over to my house and play with Bailey and watch your Thomas the Tank engine DVDs. We always have such fun - laughing, playing, and giving lots of kisses.

You have gotten so big. I can not wait to see what skills you learn in the coming weeks/months. Just don't grow up too fast, okay, Aunt Kimbo's not sure if she can handle it.

All my love,

* And I will note that I managed not to cry while taking the picture or walking him to his classroom. But I did sob from his school to my office. And I have teared up several times today, I'm just gonna blam the pregnancy hormones.


Jennifer said...

How sweet! And just think, pretty soon you can be writing this letter about your own little one!

Amy Jo said...

Too cute! You sound like a wonderful "aunt" so I can only imagine what a great mother you are going to be!

Best of luck to the little one on his first day of Pre-K.