August 25, 2009

A Pain in my Side

Today around 1:30, I went to get out of my office chair and was immediately hit with a sharp pain in my lower right side. It took a minute for the pain to pass so that I was able to stand up straight. From that point forward, I have had a dull ache on that side. Normally, I would be nervous/scared, but since I work in a hospital I have a myriad of health professionals at my disposal who can offer their educated opinions on such as these. The general thought is that I've pulled a muscle -(maybe working out 5 days a week isn't such a good idea anymore) - so I'm under strict order to skip the gym and go rest. If the pain is still present in the morning, I'll be visiting the Diagnostic imaging department for an ultrasound to ensure that things are okay with Peanut.

*I have also spoken with my OB/GYN who agrees with the 100 other opinions I have gotten today. If the pain worsen or other symptoms present themselves, M and I will make a beeline for the ER.


Kathie Brinkman said...

Unusual pains like that can be very scary when you're pregnant. I'm glad for you and that you were able to get such broad and expert advice. I'll say a prayer for you and baby anyway though.

Kari said...

Is today any better? I certainly hope so. That can be scary.

That's commendable to be working out while pregnant! Maybe you can go to a lower-impact variety of exercise, like swimming or lightening up on weights?

I remember being totally impressed last year when I saw a heavily pregnant woman at my gym who was teaching a highly fast-paced kickboxing class - wow!

Erica said...

I think I will be a nervous nancy every time I feel pain when I am preggers! Hope it starts to feel better QUICK!