March 23, 2010

Anniversary Recap

I had great intentions on posting an entry detailing all that I had learned in my first year of marriage. However, the demands of a new baby have kept me away from the computer. Now, two days after my anniversary, I find myself with time to blog - but no wisdom. Instead, I will offer you a recap of the amazing anniversary weekend M created for me.

Friday night, M took me to dinner at The Inn at Blueberry Plantation. We dined on delicious food and enjoyed wonderful conversation. It was our first time away from Joycelen since her birth. While I did miss her, I managed to focus on my wonderful husband. After our meal, we just drove thru our town, and wound up one town over at the Sonic Drive-In - where I was treated to my favorite dessert - an M&M Sonic Blast.

Sunday was our actual anniversary but with church and family obligations, we did not have time to exchange our gifts or keep the tradition of eating our cake. On Monday, M called and asked me to pick him up at his office for lunch. I was happy to oblige. When Joycelen and I arrived, M took over driving and headed away from the restaurant I thought we were dining at and into town. I was a bit perplexed and became more confused when we pulled into the parking lot of our favorite jeweler. I questioned M and he said "You need to pick an anniversary present."

My heart melted as I thought we had agreed to keep our gifts small this year - due to Joycelen's arrival. Apparently, M had other ideas. After browsing for awhile, we settled on a gorgeous white gold ring in a design called "Love Knot". It is simple but beautiful (I'll post a pic when it comes in). We then shared a lunch together. And when M came home from work, we exchanged our cards and the small gifts that we had purchased. I gifted M with four books from his favorite author, and I received a bag of my favorite truffles.

When we married last year, we had planned on taking a big vacation to celebrate our first anniversary. However, having our baby girl changed our plans. Looking back over the weekend, I am finding that I enjoyed our small, simple celebrations much more. And I am looking forward to what the next year holds for us.

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