March 10, 2010

A Farmer's Daughter - Joycelen @ 4 days old

Although M's primary job is project manager for a contractor - he is a farmer at heart. His grandfather raised hogs, cattle, corn, and a few other crops. His Daddy grows corn, sugar cane, and blueberries. And M is following in the tradition, working with his Daddy and his brother to grow the 12 acres of blueberries we own. Whenever I think of farming, I can't help but think of overalls. Therefore, I thought it only fitting that the next generation of the Lee family have her own pair. I think she's ready for her first tractor ride.


NavyBride said...

Cute, cute!

Overalls are a staple around here (for Mia, anyway). I love how they look, and how durable they are, especially once she became mobile. But mostly...I just think they're so cute. And I get to choose what she wears while she's still too young to have an opinion ;)

Kari said...

Oh, Kimberly, that is by far the cutest pair of overalls I've ever seen.

What an absolute darling she is!