September 04, 2009

Honeymoon Day 6

(I am just realizing that I never finished blogging about my honeymoon, so I am doing that now. )

We awoke to rainy and dreary weather on the 6th day of our honeymoon. It was the kind of
weather that made me want to snuggle under the covers and sleep away the day. But we had
grand plans, to see the King Tut exhibit at the Atlanta Civic Center, so I arose and prepared myself for the day.

In spite of the rainy weather, M suggested that we walk the one block to the Marta (subway) station and take the subway down to the civic center. It seemed like a reasonable idea since it meant we would save on gas, parking, and most importantly time. However, we should have realized our folly the moment we stepped outside and the monsoon began. I was drenched from the knees down before we reached the station - and it would get much worse.
Although wet and mildly uncomfortable, M and I were making the best of the day and finding the humor in the situation. We rode the MARTA to our stop and got out. Then came the trial of finding the Civic center. Atlanta did not have very good signage, so after walking 6 blocks in the wrong direction, M stopped into a hotel and asked for directions. 15 minutes and another 20 blocks later, we arrived at the civic center. But at this point, I was completely soaked, freezing cold, hunger (did I mention we had skipped breakfast) and in quite a foul mood.
Silently M and I made our way into the exhibit. It was amazing! As I read the various descriptions of the artifacts and the stories of King Tut's life, I felt my anger melting away. At some point, I slipped next to M and grabbed his hand. We strolled thru the exhibit hand in hand after that.

Two hours later, we emerged from the Civic center and started the wet trek back to the MARTA station. On our way back, the umbrella we were carrying broke and as we were dashing to the station, we saw our hotel -- apparently we had ridden the train a mere two blocks. We couldn't help but laugh.

Following a quick costume change at the hotel, M and I went to the Vortex for a HUGE lunch. We ate some of the biggest (and tastiest) burgers I had ever seen. Once our stomachs were full, we made our way over to the world of Coke. We enjoyed seeing the various coke items, learning the history of Coca-Cola and enjoying lots of free samples. That was until I started feeling sick....

Feeling sick to my stomach, I asked M to take me back to the hotel. He obliged and then spend the next 11 hours taking care of his very sick wife. The 6th day of the honeymoon was quite a comedy of errors


Sarah said...

Sounds like you guys made the best of your day. Burgers from the Vortex are yummy!!!

Diana said...

The Coke museum is so much fun. It's one of my favorite things to do in Atlanta.

Amy Jo said...

Sounds like maybe the burger did you in!

Kari said...

Sounds like a fun honeymoon! (It must be neat to revisit your honeymoon memories as you're also preparing to become parents.) The King Tut exhibit is a neat & unusual activity to visit while honeymooning. :)