September 02, 2009

Oh Baby (Questions), 2.0 (Edited to Add More ?)

I have a had a few more readers to post questions, so I figured I would address them in a post.

Are you planning on finding out the Peanut's sex?

Yes! Those who know me best know that I am a Type-A personality and very much a planner. Therefore, it would kill me (or at the very least drive me insane) not to know if Peanut will sport pinks/purples or shades of blue. We will have an ultrasound done at 18 weeks to hopefully determine the sex. Of course, that's assuming Mama does not sneak a peek early with the girls from Diagnostic Imaging.

Do you have names selected?

M and I had talked extensively about names before we found out we were expecting, so it was easy to transition that converastion into concrete names for peanut. If Peanut is a boy he will be named Micheal Lenwood Lee, III and we will call him Micheal. Lenwood was the middle name of M's paternal grandfather. Lenwood became the middle name of M's dad - and then the tradition of Micheal Lenwood was born. If Peanut is a girl, who first name will be Rebecca, we are still undecided on a middle name. I should also note that my sister who is expecting a baby girl in the next few days has expressed an interest in the name Rebecca, so if she chooses that name, it will be back to the drawing board.

Do you like having your "bump" touched?

With 4 nieces and nephews, the bump has gotten lots of touching, a little patting, and even a few pokes. I do not seem to mind when friends/family touch the bump. But I am a little put off by strangers touching the bump. And it is really weird/annoying when people want to rub my belly like they are petting a dog or something - definitely not cool.

Will you stay at home with the baby or place Peanut in daycare?

This was one of the first issues M and I addressed after finding out we were pregnant. While part of me would love to stay home for the first year of Peanut's life, financially it is not feasible. Furthermore, I absolutely love the job I have now and really do not want to give it up. Therefore, I am working on a compromise with my company. The tentative plan now is to stay home for the first two months of Peanut's life (thanks to the joy of paid days off). After that I am hoping to be able to schedule my work as a divide between days in office and days where I work at home. Thankfully I have a supportive management staff and co-workers who should make the transition easier. Once I go back to working a true "9-5" work week, Peanut will attend the daycare that is part of the hospital system that I am employed with.... and each set of grandparents will have the option of having 1 day a week to keep Peanut if they so choose.

Readers, anything else you are dying to know about me, Peanut, or M?


Kathie Brinkman said...

I know I'm opening up a can of worms with this question, but . . . are you going to stay home with baby or put baby in daycare? If this is too personal of a question, just ignore it. Blessings, Kathie

Amy Jo said... it, but have never heard of it. Is it a family name?

Diana said...

I've never had a kid, but I've always thought that it's weird when people just touch pregnant women's stomachs without asking. Even when family and friends have been pregnant, I've always felt awkward even asking to touch the bump. It almost seems too intimate.