September 21, 2009


For those of you readers who have been around awhile, you may remember that in the midst of finalizing our wedding plans, M and I underwent a small kitchen renovation .

Now that we are expectant parents, we again find ourselves embarking on home improvement projects. We are hoping that in the next month the bank approves our loan so that we can begin a major addition to our home - expand the kitchen (add new cabinets, new floors), add a family room, and two new bedrooms (one of which will be the nursery) and change all the flooring in the existing kitchen, living room, hallway and home office. While we are finalizing our estimated costs and going thru the banking procedures, M has agreeded to let me paint and redecorate the living room.

Currently the living room is done in tans and cream, but the colors are very muddied and give the overall room a dark look. So to add pop to the room and play off one of my favorite color combos, we are painting the living room a chocolate brown.... see the pic below

And we will be replacing the current furniture - which is a hodge-podge of M's couch from college, a recliner that our sister-in-law gave us and a random chair - to the set shown here .

I believe that the chocolate brown will add a touch of formality to the room and will coordinate well with the other colors in our home (kitchen is a beachy blue, bedroom is a beachy green, office is a cream color, and we plan on the family room being a beach green as well). I would love to hear your thoughts dear readers.


Kari said...

Oh how fun! That sounds like a huge undertaking.

I am no genius with interior decorating, but I love chocolate brown and cream and blue.
The only concern I'd have with painting the walls brown is to make sure that you have enough white in the room to balance it out so it doesn't look even darker. For example, you might want to take the ceiling several shades lighter, or make sure that you have more artwork on the walls... something to ensure that the living room still has warmth and light in it.

Will we be seeing pictures of the process?

Kathie Brinkman said...

Are you hiring this out or is your handy hubby doing it all? My only thoughts are--that is an awful lot of remodeling to get done before baby arrives if you're doing it yourself. You know babies sometimes arrive ahead of schedule. If you all are confidant that you can get all that done and then everything put back in place and settled at least six weeks before baby is set to arrive, then have at it. Otherwise, you seriously, may want to scale back your project and do it over a longer time frame and in smaller pieces. But, you're the experts, not me.

Kari said...

By the way, I wanted to point out that one of the members of YouLookFab has been posting very articulate tips for maternity style at each stage of the process, since she is currently pregnant with her second child. You can see her posts by scrolling down from the "Forum Posts" tab here: and looking for "Maternity" in the topic. Just wanted to mention it in case it's helpful.