July 12, 2010

Now we lay her down to sleep….


It is no surprise that Joycelen is sleeping peacefully. But the big news is where she is doing her sleeping….

DSC_0034For that past week, Joycelen has slept in her crib. M and I (okay, I was) were worried that she would not transition to her crib easily. Ha!  She slept the whole night the very first time we put her in it.

We have finally established a nighttime routine. Joycelen gets at bath at her Nana’s house, then I pick her up around 6:30. We come home, have playtime, then have a final bottle about between 7:45 and 8:15.  Then we do a little reading.

DSC_0037Good Night is our book of choice. M reads to us, while I rock her. If she is still awake at the book’s end, we rock a little while longer and I sing her a few lullabies. Then we tuck her in for the night and enjoy a little time alone.

It is hard to believe that my baby is already sleeping in her own crib….