July 30, 2010

Our Life in Bullet Points

•Joycelen loves solid foods. Thus far we have tried green beans, peas, squash, carrots, bananas, and apple sauce.
•Green beans are her favorite veggie and she adores bananas. Peas appear to be Joycelen’s least favorite veggie – and it just so happens that they are my least favorite as well.
•On Tuesday, I had to travel out of town for a work conference. M kept Joycelen by himself. Since M is a heavy sleeper, he thought it best to allow Joycelen to sleep with him. Apparently, M got very little sleep since Joycelen kicked, flipped, and flopped all night long.
•The weekend should be a fun one – as it will be the first weekend in several weeks that M will not have to work.
•Tonight we plan on hanging out at home, hanging a few pictures, and cleaning out our closets.
•Tomorrow night, our church is holding a special prayer service that I am extremely excited about.
•Sunday will be the usual routine of Church, Sunday dinner, naps, etc.

That’s the quick version of life in our corner of the world. What is happening with each of you?


Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

Look at little Joycelen! She seems to be eating like a champ. We haven't started Abby on solids yet, but I'm sure she will be getting them any day now.

I hope you 3 have a great weekend together!

Erica said...

How exciting! My sisters baby is a huge banana fan too. I guess its like natures candy :) Sounds like you have QUITE an exciting week. Enjoy every minute