March 12, 2013

Living Out My Faith

The lovely Kelly at Kelly's Korner has partnered with a few equally amazing bloggers for a new series titled " Build 'Em Up".  The series focuses on ways that we can encourage one another in our faith.  This week's topic is Brining Faith to Life

As parents, Micheal and I have a myriad of hopes and dreams for Joycelen. However, the greatest hope that we have for her is that she will come to know the Lord as her personal Savior.

We both know that if Joycie is going to fall madly in love with her Heavenly Father, she has to know that He is real.

Since we cannot sit down and have a deep theological discussion with her at this point, we try to live out our own faith before her each day.

After all actions really do speak louder than words.

For our family, living out our faith means:

1. Reading Bible Stories and Nightly Family Prayers

2. Listening to worship music in our cars, when we are cleaning up the house, or even when Joycie just wants to dance.

3. Attending church together - we want Joycie to know that there is a HUGE body of believers who love her, support her, and can help her to grow in Christ

4. Including Joycie in our ministry & service opportunities – Micheal has taken Joycie to a few of the brotherhood meetings, I’ve included her in our various Women’s Ministry events, and this past Christmas we let her make the decisions on what gifts to purchase for our shoebox ministry.

Micheal and I often fail as parents --- we yell, we speak harshly, we get caught up in our to –do lists --- but Joycie will proudly proclaim that “her” Jesus makes everything and that He loves her very much. And that makes me think – that with the Lord’s help – are getting the most important thing right.


Lil Light O Mine said...

so good. i can totally relate. i often get the "my to do list" and get such peach and perspective from "HIS to do list" which is often much shorter and more fulfilling.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

this is so good. it sounds like Joycie is learning so much from her parents. :) and it's so sweet and simple for them. the stories, the songs, the prayer. they have no reason to doubt. they have so much young faith and it inspires me!

Jennifer said...

you are blessed to have such a sweet girl. I love that you immerse her in Him at every opportunity. This is inspiring and such a great reminder for me. Thank you for sharing!

Kelly said...

Those are perfect practical tips!!!! No doubt she will love the Lord like you do!!!
Thank you for linking up!