March 05, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Joycie!

Dear Joycie,

At 4:25 p.m. this afternoon you officially became 3 years old!  However, you've been telling people for months that you were 3. I think it is because your cousin Kaitlynn turned 3 in September and in your mind the two of you are the exact same.  In fact, you often refer to her as your "twin cousin"...which is so stinking cute.

Joycie - Daddy and I marvel at how much you continue to grow and mature. In the last year, you have gone from somewhat stilted sentences intermixed with made-up words, to carrying on entire conversations with your friends, your cousins, and even adults.  Your imagination has grown by leaps and bounds - I often hear you telling stories to your baby dolls, or creating a running commentary as we ride in the car.

While you still love music and playing outdoors, these days you are all about PRINCESSES.  You currently have at 2 of each of the Disney Princess figurines. Mama has lost count of how many hours you spend in your room playing with them.  Not only do you love to play with princesses, you love to dress like one.  Most days, we have to find an outfit that is either pink, sparkly, twirly, or has some other "princess" like element. Otherwise, you refuse to wear it.

Hey, you know what you like, and what you don't.  But for all of your girlishness, you still HATE to have your hair pulled up. You prefer to leave it down and flowing.  And since you hair is easy to brush and style, Mama let's you have your way.

In terms of physical growth, you are now 3'2 and weight 34 pounds. Wahooo!  After nearly a year, we have finally broken the 30 pound barrier. Both your pediatrician and neurologist have commented on your recent growth spurt.

Daddy and Mama are so proud of how your vocabulary grows with each day, that you've mastered the art of pottying like a big girl, that you are independent, and that you are physically growing.  But our greatest joy comes when we see how much you already love our Heavenly Father.  Each night you remind us that we need to say our prayers, and you want to pray for every.single.person. you know (and sometimes your toys), you break out into the biggest grin and clap your hands when we tell you it is time to head to church, and you LOVE to sing songs about Jesus.

Joycie, there will never be enough words to tell you how much you mean to use.  But we'll try each day of your life to show you how much we do love you.

And perhaps, the best way to tell you is in the same way you tell us "We love you BIGGER!"

~Mama and Daddy

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