May 18, 2009

Spinning Wheels

M and I had a wonderful Sunday together.  Waking up early, we were able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast (I had another Green Monster and he had eggs and toast) while watching ESPN. Then it was showers, dressing, and off to Sunday school. Following our song service and presentation of a bible to our graduating senior, M and I left church and headed to Statesboro to meet up with my Aunt for lunch.
We dined at a lovely home style placed called Fordham's Family Farmhouse. I had a delish grilled chicken breast with greens beans and squash casserole. Aunt Gail and M both had pot roast with sweet potatoes and mac&cheese. After lunch, the three of us went thrift store hopping and scored some great deals. I picked up a pair of New York and Company khakis, four skirts, and a pair of Tommy Hilfiger khakis for M  all for the grand total of $25.00.
Following our shopping excursion at the thrift store, we headed to the mega-store mecca Wal-Mart.  On Saturday, my SIL and I had attempted to purchase bikes at our local Wal-Mart. She managed to score the "beach cruiser" model that she wanted. But the mountain bike I wanted was not in stock. So M suggested we look at the Statesboro Wal-Mart. Not only did I find the bike that I wanted, I managed to convince M to purchase a bike as well. Now we will be able to bike together - since running is out of the questions thanks to my knees. :-) 
Now it is a rainy Monday and I am headed to work. The forecast calls for wet conditions all week. Hopefully, there will be a few spots of sunshine in the mix, so we can test out our new wheels.

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Anonymous said...

You came to the Boro and did not call me?? I coulda met up with yall for lunch cause Levi was gone to see the movie Wolverine at noon yesterday. I stayed home.